The Benefits of Downtown Self Storage

Downtown Self Storage has many benefits that place us above the competition in the storage industry. Our most important benefit is our determination to provide the absolute best customer service in the self storage industry that is second to none. Once you visit Downtown Self Storage and meet one of our professional storage consultants, you'll know there is no better place to store your belongings.
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Along with our commitment to customer service, soome other benefits of storing with Downtown Self Storage are:
  • Climate Controlled Storage - All our units are climate-controlled in order to protect your property from extreme hot and cold temperatures.
  • Computerized Access Control Systems - The Downtown Self Storage facility has computerized access control systems to protect and limit entry to the property. Access is tracked by the unique access code that each tenant of Downtown Self Storage receives upon signing a rental agreement with us.
  • Drive-In Loading Bays - Downtown Self Storage is Huntsville's premiere storage location for having a drive-in loading bay that can be used by customers to load and unload their belongings into their storage unit. We keep you out of the rain and snow when moving items in and out of storage. We also are conveniently located across the street from a parking garage so all your helpers will have plenty of space to park.
  • Moving Carts - At Downtown Self Storage we know moving your belongings can be hard and we want to help.  We provide free moving carts to help customers bring their items from their vehicle or moving truck to their storage unit.
  • Over-sized Commercial Elevators - No matter what floor your unit is located in our location we have you covered.  We won't be asking you to climb any stairs because you can use our over sized commercial elevator to get to your storage unit location.
  • Boxes, Packing and Moving Supplies - Downtown Self Storage is not only storage, we are also a full retail shop selling moving and packing supplies at competitive prices. Downtown Self Storage is your one-stop shop for moving and packing supplies. Learn more about what we sell.
  • Property Protection - Downtown Self Storage has partnered with Bader storage unit insurance.  We know your belongings are valuable to you and we want to offer the best level of protection to all our tenants.  For just pennies a day you can add Bader Insurance to your unit and have the peace of mind that everything is protected.
  • Delivery and Package Acceptance - Do you need something delivered to your storage unit? At Downtown Self Storage we sign and accept both UPS and Fedex deliveries for you.
  • High-Speed Wi-Fi Internet Access - Downtown Self Storage knows that you need to stay connected while you are in our facility. That's why we provide high-speed Wi-Fi access to all our customers.
Like the benefits of being a part of the Downtown Self Storage Family? Find just the right unit and join our growing family today!