Downtown Storage Security and Safety

At Downtown Storage we know that you store belongings with us that you love and we strive to provide excellent security and safety for our customers. While we can't prevent all unfortunate events, we do everything possible to protect you and your belongings while at Downtown Self Storage. If you ever see something wrong at our facility, please contact us right away. If it's an emergency, please call 9-1-1. We have a list below so you can see what Downtown Self Storage does to protect you and your property while in one of our facilities.
  • Digital Surveillance System – Downtown Self Storage uses digital surveillance systems to record all activity on our property 24 hours a day.
  • Computerized Gate/Door Access System – Downtown Self Storage doesn't let just anyone enter our property or buildings. To protect your property, we use a gate/door access system that requires customers and employees entering our property to enter a unique access code. Not only does this limit who can access our property, it also allows us to review who has entered and exited the property. You can sleep safe at night knowing that only people legally allowed to enter our facility are able to access the inside of our building.
  • Secure Locks and Locking Mechanisms – Downtown Self Stroage offers the best locks in the industry, and they are available for purchase in our retail shop. 
  • Comprehensive Illumination – We know that lighting is important and have provided a comprehensive lighting solution to keep every area of our facility well lit, safe, and secure!
  • Proactive Property Management – The Downtown Self Storage team takes customer service and safety as priority one.  We have heard the horror stories of other facilities not taking care of anything until someone had to complain.  We are taking a industry leading stance to keep our facility safe, secure, and up to date proactively so our customers an know their belongings are well taken care of when storing with us.  
These are just some of the many ways we provide a secure self storage experience to our customers. At Downtown Self Storage we put the customer first, and to achieve our 100% customer satisfaction goal, we try to provide the most secure storage in the industry. Please contact one of our professional team members to learn more about the security priority at our facility. Like what you are hearing about security? Find a unit now and get in touch with our excellent team members that are waiting to take care of your storage needs!